About Us

Every urban people are busy with routine and missing fresh air, green areas and top of that common bird which we have seen in our childhood. We all wants the same environment again. We are regret and confessed that we human beings are responsible for entire Global Warming situation.

Every creation of god has its own importance. Lots of NGOs working on clean the environment, plantation and restoring, caring of animals but very few are dedicating time and resource to conservation of birds. Hardly anybody see common birds like parrot, pigeon, sparrow, etc. Even we cannot found Indian birds in zoo. So, we all as team work together for save life to birds.


MR. KARAN CHOUHAN (President) founder of Rajendra foundation a graduate and working with an MNCs group a self motivate to do something for this noble cause and formed a group with educationist, IT professional and industrialist to accomplish his dream to save life of birds and create an environment where they live safely.

Give Inspiration

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Volunteers are the lifeblood of many organizations, indeed almost every non profit got started by either an individual or group of people volunteering their time. I think volunteers want to feel a part of the organization and that their contribution is valued. So, there are thousands of different organization that they could be spending their free time with but instead they have chosen to work with organization. Understanding these motivations is the key to getting the best form them as well as providing them with the best experience that the organization can. Some volunteers may be working with it to gain experience in certain fields such as management or fundraising whilst others will be there solely because they want to make a difference to the organization cause. The organization volunteers are giving up their time skills, knowledge and experience to help the organization cause. The organization have a responsibility to give back to hem and invest in them in return. For most volunteers, not all, they will need to learn how to do whatever job it is that they will doing for the organization. Some situations can’t be helped but it can make a volunteer feel much better about letting me and my oranisation down by being positive and helping them in anyway that I can. A happy volunteer is a motivated volunteer.Make sure that you listenand respond to every volunteer individually and I will go a long way to keeping them motivated.

Become volunteer

People choose to volunteer for a variety of reasons:-
To give something back to the community.
To develop new skills or build on existing experience and knowledge.
Make a difference to the lives of others.
Help others less fortunate or without a voice.
Feel valued and part of a team.
Spend quality time away from work or a busy lifestyle.
Gain confidence and self esteem.

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Give Donation

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Every person has inner jest to reliam something back to society by giving time and money. Most of the time, people spend on earning for livelihood and often ignore the ecological balance provided by these speechless species which are need to be save ,provided with shelter, food during disaster .So here comes the best opportunity to show your humanity by contributing /donating as per your convenience.