Save Birds

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Birds are an important part of our ecosystem, but they’re also beautiful and fun to watch. Unfortunately, birds are especially vulnerable to changes in their environment, like ground, water, and air pollution, or the destruction of their nesting grounds. Pesticides, herbicides, and some fertilizers are not healthful for birds or humans for that matter. Eliminate these often toxic products by awaring each and every person. Insects provide necessary food for birds so more and more that type of place are develop which are supported to increase the insect. Pulling weeds by hand is good exercise. Compost helps keep soils healthy.

We now offer a toxin free yard. I do not like creepy crawlies and was amazed at how well birds keep insect pests under control. For instance, a flock of tiny birds make short work of a new aphid colony on a lavender bush.It is the amazing creature so it is our responsibility to save them by hook and crook.

“A true conservationist is a man who knows that the world is not given by his fathers, but borrowed from his children.”
—John James Audubon

Save Street Animal

India is a place of wonder; a colorful and vibrant land of stunning mountains, glorious beaches, bustling cities, and amazing architecture..

It’s also a country where life is incredibly hard for the millions living below the poverty line.

The plight of people in India is immensely saddening, and tourists who are passionate about animals will also find they’re confronted by the sight of the hundreds of dogs, cats and “holy” cows that roam India’s streets as strays.

That’s before considering the numerous donkeys, horses, and camels used as draft animals, all of whom live in difficult conditions on the streets of villages and cities around the country.

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